FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Orders, deliveries & returns

Click on "Notify me when available" on the product page. As soon as the Food Tool is available again we will let you know by email.

This depends on a lot of different things, including the day and time you place your order, the country to which your order is being sent and how busy our freight forwarders are. You can find more details on our Deliveries page.

Paying online in our webshop is easy and secure. We accept various payment methods. All payments go through a secure Mollie connection. When checking out you can choose one of the following payment methods: IDEAL, credit card, Klarna, Paypal and Bancontact. You can find more details on our Payments page.

You can enter one discount code per order when you check out. Go to your shopping cart and enter the discount code in the appropriate field when checking out. The discount will be calculated and applied after activation. Please do this before you complete your purchase, as the discount cannot be applied after you've checked out.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Should you experience problems when placing your order online, please contact our Customer Service Department. You can find the contact details for our Customer Service Department on our Contact page.

Something has gone wrong with your order. In this case, please contact our Customer Service Department. Send an email to support@boska.com stating your order number, name, phone number and a photo of the product. We will contact you as soon as possible to find a suitable solution to the problem together.

Something went wrong at the warehouse or during shipping. In this case, please contact our Customer Service Department. Send an email to backoffice@boska.com stating your order number, name, phone number and a photo of the product. We will contact you as soon as possible to find a suitable solution to the problem together.

Food Tools can be returned free of charge up to 30 days after you receive them. However, the products and packages have to be undamaged. You can find more details about the options on the Returns page.

Warranty & repair

You can register your new Food Tool using this registration form. This way, you can be sure to get a very long warranty on your purchase. It is also possible (optional) to sign up as a BOSKA Friend with Benefits, which lets you take advantage of even more benefits.

Complete the warranty claim form, describing the defect or damage. We will contact you within a few days to find a suitable solution to the problem together.

When used correctly, your BOSKA Food Tool should work properly for 10 years. If your product malfunctions during these 10 years, you can contact us and file a warranty claim. You can find more details about this on the Warranty page.

You can easily find this information on the product page for the Food Tool on this website. The icon under the product description shows the warranty period for that product.

Food Tools - Fondue Sets

This is different for each fondue set/fondue pot.

Standard cheese fondue sets: The product page for every cheese fondue set states the type of stove or other heat source that you can use with the pot. You can also find this information by clicking on the icons under the product description. All our pots are suitable for use on a gas stove.

Electric fondue set: The Electric Fondue Set Pro pot can be used on a gas stove, as well as an electric, ceramic or induction stovetop.

Tapas fondue sets: These compact, square cheese fondue pots are suitable for use in the microwave.

Chocolate fondue sets: The two ceramic pots are microwave-safe.

Cheese Bakers: This ceramic dish can be used in the microwave or oven.

Each fondue set has a product description that states the type of stove you can use with the pot. Currently, the Electric Fondue Set Pro, Fondue Set Pro S, Fondue Set Pro, Fondue Set Pro L and the Cheese Fondue Set Party Pro are suitable for use with induction stoves.

No problem! Check out our range of Fondue pots and accessories.

This is almost always stated on the product page of the cheese fondue set. You can easily calculate this yourself.

That depends on the type of BOSKA fondue burner you have. A fondue burner without fuel comes standard with our fondue sets. You can use the fondue burner in three different ways:

1. With a fire gel.
2. With a liquid fuel such as methylated spirit.
3. With a fuel paste in a ready-to-use container.

This simple demonstration video explains how you can fill and light your fondue burner with different types of fuels. Did you purchase our Fondue Fuel Safe & Disposable? Then you don't need to add any additional fuel because these burners are pre-filled.

This simple demonstration video explains how you can fill and light your fondue burner with different types of fuels.

Food Tools - Other

Every cheese slicer has the right characteristics for slicing a specific type of cheese. The main criterion is the cheese's hardness. Some cheese slicers are suitable for multiple types of cheese and others are made specially for one cheese type. So check out our slicers for young cheese, mature cheese, aged cheese and Parmesan cheese.

We have different types of cheese knives that you can find in multiple collections. Every type of cheese knife has the right properties for optimally cutting a specific type of cheese. A Cheese Knife Soft, for example, is suitable for soft cheeses such as Brie and mozzarella. This Cheese Knives blog has more details about types of cheese knives and their associated cheeses.

A lot of Food Tools have been awarded a design award. The following awards are included: Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award, and German Design Award. Check out the complete overview of all award winners.

A number of our Food Tools have undergone a special BSF™ treatment, thereby ensuring the best non-stick cutting, slicing and grating experience. BSF™ is a chemical-free, non-stick surface that never wears. This means that the knife, slicer or grater will remain in perfect condition for its entire product life cycle.

With the right type of care, your wooden board will last you for years. Always wash it by hand and let it dry upright. Spray the board regularly to protect it against splitting, staining and absorbing odors. Go to the Cleaning Boards page to see exactly how to do this.

You can easily replace the broken wire with a new one. The Petit Paris comes standard with 3 replacement wires. You can also buy replacement wires for the Petit Paris in packages of 10. Replacement wires for the Wire Slicer Monaco+ and for the Cheese Slicer with Wire Slicer Monaco+ are also available online in packages of 3. Watch this instructional video to see how to replace the wire of these two Food Tools.

If a Food Tool is featured in our webshop but is not available, then it is likely out of stock. In this case, please click on "Notify me when available" to receive an email as soon as the product is back in stock. Has the product disappeared entirely from our webshop? That means the product is no longer part of our product range and will not return to the webshop either. We recommend you purchase the Food Tool at the location where you saw it.


Our webshop has a variety of tasty and suprising recipes for your Food Tools. These are great for both beginning cooks as well as experienced home chefs. So check out our Recipes page for some inspiration.

Creating a delicious cheese board doesn't have to be difficult at all. Anyone can do it! And certainly if you use one of our serving boards to present the cheese. Check out our Create a Cheese Board page for more details about how you can easily do this yourself.

You can become a BOSKA Friend with Benefits completely free of charge. Sign up right now and get tasty recipes and handy tips for getting the most of out your Food Tools. You will also receive a nice welcome gift of €5. Not only that, but BOSKA Friends with Benefits never pay delivery fees. You can find all other benefits and the enrollment form here.

Commercial customers

It is possible to buy professional tools in our online shop, but not all of our professional tools are available here. Our complete range can be found in our online shop for business professionals. In some cases, you may be able to request a business account. Please complete the registration form for this. We will evaluate whether you are eligible for a business account.