Our range consists of a number of top-quality cheese boards. They're ideal for anyone wanting to present and serve delicious snacks to guests. For example, tapas, cold meats or chocolate. Our range has now been extended to include oak, bark, slate or marble. The boards will last years and make every occasion a special one. Also, all Boska cheese boards come with a 10-year guarantee as standard.
The dimensions under the product names below indicate the length of the board (not including the handle) or its diameter.

Different cheese-board designs
We stock a large number of stylish cheese boards. The cheese boards in the Friends range are authentic, oak boards. Both round and rectangular boards are available. The cheese boards from the Slate range are made from high-quality slate. They are worked by hand and cut by machine. The cheese boards from the Bark range are made from unique tree discs. Just as each tree is unique, so each cheese board is too. Big, small, round or rectangular: we have a suitable solution for virtually every occasion.

Looking after your cheese board
Our Cheese Board Oil (320080) is essential for keeping your slate and wood boards in great condition. It protects boards against cracks and the build-up of odors and stains. Your cheese board will always look immaculate and you'll be able to enjoy using it for years to come!

A beautifully-presented cheese board
Would you like to surprise your guests with delicious small pieces of meat, cheese or other delicious snacks? Our extensive range of high-quality cheese boards enable you to make every occasion a special one. Try out different combinations and serve an absolute taste sensation! Everyone loves a beautifully-presented cheese board of delicious snacks.

Different combinations
Do you like old cheese, young cheese, goat's cheese or blue cheese or do you prefer cheese with a bit more of a bite? Combine the various cheeses with a crusty piece of baguette or fig bread. Serve with a delicious glass of port and voilà. Enjoy!

Give a cheese board as a gift
Are you going to a party? A cheese board makes a great gift for friends or family. Each board comes with a 10-year guarantee, so it's a gift that will give years of enjoyment!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!