Armed with our cheese curlers, you'll create delicious cheese and chocolate curls in no time at all. They're great to snack on at (drinks) parties and make beautiful salad and dessert decorations too. The range includes a number of different designs. The five iron pins in the platter make our cheese curlers unique: they give you an extra grip on cheese or chocolate. Each design comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

Types of cheese curlers
Cheese curlers are available in a number of Boska ranges. The Amsterdam cheese curler, for example, with its plastic, non-slip design. Alternatively, you might like the Geneva cheese curler, which is made from distinctive beechwood, or the Taste cheese curler, mounted on a stylish dark-wood platter. All of our cheese curlers are strong and guaranteed to last years!

Curling Tête de Moine cheese
If you are looking for the best type of cheese to use with your cheese curler, Tête de Moine is the cheese for you! This is a Swiss cheese and ideal for making curls from. When freshly curled, the cheese comes in contact with oxygen, releasing its full taste! It makes a sumptuous addition to all your delicious dishes.

Handy cheese dome
Once you've finishing creating your curls, you'll find our cheese dome (850504) handy. Put your cheese and cheese curls under it and then put the dome in the fridge. This will extend the life of your cheese and curls, without any loss of flavor! One tip: make sure that your cheese curler is refrigerator-safe.

Chocolate curls
Do you want to make a real statement with an original dessert or a fancy high-tea and spoil your guests? You'll make the occasion just that little bit more special with the addition of chocolate curls, because all of our cheese curlers effortlessly curl chocolate too. Now that's value for money!

Give a cheese curler as a gift
All of our cheese curlers are delivered in a beautiful gift box and make great gifts for friends and family. All of them come with a 10-year guarantee as standard. Order the cheese curler, add a beautiful ribbon and a sweet card and put a smile on the face of people close to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, completely free of any obligation.