Quality Obsession Earns Family-Owned BOSKA B Corp Certification

Quality Obsession Earns Family-Owned BOSKA B Corp Certification

The Dutch Food Tools Company Is Committed To A Lifetime Guarantee Instead Of Economic Growth.

Bodegraven, NL, December 6, 2022 -
BOSKA Food Tools, manufacturer of cheese slicers, pizza cutters, kitchen knives and fondue sets among other tools for home chefs and entertainers, announces the company is now a B Corp organization. The B Corp title is given to companies that practice corporate social responsibility in areas such as the environment and employees. For over 126 years, BOSKA has been dedicated to making high-quality products that last a lifetime and can even be passed down from generation to generation. The company consciously refrains from following trends, runs on green energy and takes care of its employees. BOSKA’s vision is Quality = Sustainability!

A Lifetime Guarantee & 100% Timeless Design
Being named a B Corp organization is a fitting title for the company. For example, BOSKA currently offers a lifetime guarantee for 49% of its product assortment with the goal of offering it for all products by 2025. 51% of BOSKA’s product assortment has a 10-year guarantee.

"Customers have a vested interest in a cheese slicer or pizza wheel lasting as long as possible. This sounds very logical, but there are still lots of shitty tools being purchased. These items don't last long at all and end up in a large garbage dump that just keeps growing," says Martijn Bos, owner of BOSKA. "We stopped making trendy models, which is why our assortment consists only of black, white and natural material colors. We manufacture products that are primarily made of natural strong materials like stone, steel and wood. Because this process is not always sustainable, we use these materials for making products that last a lifetime. This results in a product assortment with a timeless design, and we are striving for a lifetime guarantee."

Net Zero In 2025
BOSKA aims to be climate-neutral and net zero starting in 2025 since it isn't quite possible yet due to the company's supply chains. Solutions in the pipeline include decreasing plastic in the products, developing plastic-free packaging and implementing programs for waste processing, among other initiatives.

"Shipping is still one of our main challenges, but we're working on it. In the meantime, we're collaborating with Justdiggit to compensate for our CO2 emissions. Justdiggit does this through re-greening in order to cool down our plant and restore biodiversity. Of course, we are also simultaneously working on reducing our emissions," says Bos.

The B in B Corp stands for benefit for all, and is a title that is granted by the US non-profit organization B Lab. In order to become a B Corp, a company must make a positive contribution in the area of management, environment, employees, customers and community. BOSKA scores high marks in the environment, employees and customers in particular. The company is working hard to take steps in all areas.

Investing In Employees And Suppliers
BOSKA has invested in its employees in recent years. Bos believes it is important for people to feel valued at a company and to experience a feeling of belonging. It's also important for ethical conduct and sustainability to be top priority among employees and suppliers.

"There is some debate about the B Corp label, and that's good. The certificate exists to show us what areas we can improve in. By being a B Corp, we will now constantly be challenged in these areas. We've become part of a growing movement of organizations that have the same goals and with which we can share knowledge. The certification is updated every three years. That helps keep us on our toes," concludes Bos.