BOSKA finalist of Excellence In Housewares Awards

BOSKA finalist of Excellence In Housewares Awards

October 9th, 2020, Bodegraven - BOSKA is one of the finalists of the Excellence In Housewares Awards 2020. In the category "Excellence in Cookware", our Pizza Baker BBQ Mini will compete with seven other finalists. This food tool is part of our brand new collection: Pizzawares - tools for pizza. The winner will be announced on December 9th in the United Kingdom.

This is our contender
The Pizza Baker BBQ Mini is designed by BOSKA's Product Designer Frank de Smidt. This stylish, compact pizza oven is perfect for making mini pizzas on the barbecue grill. Due to the cast-iron lid and the holes in the pizza stone, heat is optimally distributed. The result? Deliciously crispy brick oven quality pizzas! And it's done within 5 - 10 minutes.

Functional, timeless and durable design
This was Frank de Smidt's response to his nomination: “It's very nice to hear that I'm a finalist of the Housewares Awards 2020. For the Pizza Baker BBQ Mini - and of course also for the entire pizza collection - I have combined my passion for food and cooking with my job as a designer. For me as a designer, the challenge is to design a product that is smart and functional, but also cool and fun to use. In addition, I have chosen to use materials that last a lifetime in combination with shapes that are timeless, so that this product is as durable as possible (quality = sustainabilty). ”

Try the Pizza Baker for yourself
Curious about the Pizza Baker BBQ Mini or the rest of the tools for pizza? Then quickly go to our Pizzawares collection.

Click on the video above and Frank will explain how the Pizza Baker works.

BOSKA Pizza Baker BBQ Mini