Boska goes Chocó loco

Boska goes Chocó loco

Bodegraven October 2018 - Boska has been the standard for quality Cheesewares since 1896. This fall, the Dutch brand is turning to chocolate with the launch of the new Chocowares collection. In addition to the chocolate tools, Boska, together with a Belgian chocolate maker, has developed a Chocodisk with which you can make the most beautiful chocolate curls with the cheese curler. Chocoholics can now indulge themselves at where part of the Chocowares range is already for sale.

"It is our mission at Boska to bring people together to enjoy good food. We started 120 years ago with a passion for cheese and Cheesewares, but fell in love with chocolate along the way," says fourth generation Boska owner, Martijn Bos. "We have put all our experience in making specialty cheese tools into this new category of Chocowares. This is because we know how to best enjoy chocolate; just like you do cheese: cut, shaved, grated, curled, or melted as a fondue. It was a more or less logical step for the brand. One thing is certain, both taste best with the right tools and the right people!”

The Boska Chocowares were developed together with a chocolatier. The launch collection consists of:

  • Choco Fondue Marie (€ 24,99) - the very first au bain marie chocolate fondue! With this, you can endlessly enjoy the most delicious chocolate fondue. You heat the chocolate on the basis of the au-bain marie method (in a double boiler) so that the chocolate does not burn and does not become grainy or bitter. It's an ideal dessert, but is also delicious as a sweet treat during drinks, a party, or a high tea. Simply light the candle and enjoy!
  • Choco Chopper (€24,99) - this stainless steel, semi-circular knife with a copper sheen can handle any type of chocolate. It is just as elegant as it is safe. With the double handle you can use both hands to easily chop even the hardest chocolate by lowering the knife with a rocking motion through the chocolate.
  • Choco Breaker (€19,99) - this handy copper-colored knife is ideal for the hardest chocolate. Put the super sharp point into the chocolate and use it to break off the perfect chunk. Naturally, it also loves to cut the softer varieties.
  • DIY Chocolade makers (€7,99) - for the ambitious chocolate lover who wants to make chocolate bars, bonbons or choco-spoons himself. The silicone molds are extremely flexible, so removing your chocolate creations is done in two shakes. Unique to these DIY sets is that recipe cards and an extra surprise are added to the gift package, next to the mold. With the DIY Choco bonbon set, you can make 18 bonbons at once. The set contains a scraper to scrape away excess liquid chocolate. In the DIY Choco bar set, you have gold foil, paper wraps and stickers with which you can give 7 candy bars an extra personal touch. The DIY Choco spoon set contains 8 wooden spoons, for 8 delicious cups of chocolate milk exactly the way you like it.

Choco curler disc
Boska now also has the Chocodisk for the famous Boska cheese curlers. It is a round choco tablet so smooth that you turn out the most beautiful and tastiest curls. They are available in milk (€7.99) and hazelnut (€9.99).

Thus far, this is a first selection of Boska's Chocowares, but keep an eye out, there is much more to come.