Pim Haaksman

Pim Haaksman

Pim Haaksman - Chef-kok & créateur

Pim is TV chef, producer, founder of Smulweb, and initiator of Kookkado. Cooking is his passion – and that love runs deep.

"Freddy Heineken drove around the block"
Whether it's enjoying, inspiring or cooking: food is my life – and it has been ever since my chef's training, behind the scenes in reputable kitchens, at the cooking contests I won, and during the Smulweb Cooking College that I started. I have been professionally addicted to the business for over 30 years.

When I was cooking in the Brasserie "Le Relais" in Amsterdam, Freddy Heineken would regularly sent his driver around the block for my "Oeufs Florentine." Because, you know, Pim just had to be tasted. Incidentally, don't you think I’m a lot quieter than I used to be? Nothing that reminds you of that hyperactive person from my TV shows "Boiling Over," "The Culinary Know-It-All" and "Life is Beautiful," right? Well?

"Cheese fondue with a crunch"
For me, cheese and cooking are a kind or religion. They're a match made in heaven. But I don't think you should do anything crazy. To me, a nice, crumbly Parmesan, with its salt crystals that crunch between your teeth, is best when it's at its most pure. I prefer it with red wine from the fridge. Fondue can be nice too, but it has to be accompanied by the crunch of a piece of toast or some chopped nuts.

In the kitchen, good tools are a dire necessity. So don't come to me with a wobbly little knife. When I'm working, I want good tools. They have to be fast and good, then you can never go wrong. Anything to get results. I get really attached to some tools. My favorite knife even has "Pim" carved into the handle. Hey, this is a wonderful grater… can I keep it?

Pim Haaksman, chef-kok & créateur | www.pimhaaksman.nl

How to Pim(p) a cheese fondue?

Fill a couple of little bowls with something crispy, like fried onions, some chopped nuts, toasted coconut shreds, crushed shrimp crackers, or croutons.

This will give you a different taste and structure - something other than the traditional pieces of baguette. Add some raw vegetables to the cheese fondue and it will give you a whole new experience, mark my words...

Candlelight Fondue Twinkle

Candlelight Fondue Twinkle

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Table Grater Oslo

Tafelrasp Eiken

Baked Camembert with blue mold and smoked almonds


  • 1 camembert
  • 1 piece of blue cheese
  • 2 spoons of smoked almonds
  • 2 spoons of honey
  • 1/2 baguette


  1. Preheat the oven at 175°C (347°F)
  2. Remove the Camembert from the packaging and use a corer to cut out the center piece. Cut around the cheese.
  3. Fill the hole in the middle with the blue cheese and place the cheese in the Cheese Baker.
  4. Finely chop the smoked almonds and sprinkle on the cheese. Divide the honey over the cheese.
  5. Put the Cheese Baker in the oven for 20 minutes.
  6. Serve with pieces of baguette.
  7. Enjoy!!!