Cutting Board Beech Wood 450x350x20 mm


With the Cutting Board Beech Wood, you're adding a beautiful, natural product to your collection. The board is made of oiled beech wood. Use the board to create a stylish presentation of your fresh delicacies. Let your customers taste your new ‘discoveries'. That will improve your chances of extra sales!  

Keep the cutting board straight!
Do you want to clean the cutting board? We would advise using lukewarm water and dish soap. Next, place the board vertically. This way, the water will run off and the board will not warp while drying.

A lifetime of fun
About to use the board for the first time? We would advise you to oil the cutting board first with sunflower oil. This will extend the lifespan of your authentic cutting board. The cutting boards are available in several different versions. There's really something for everyone!

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