Foodstep Height Set


The Foodstep Height Set may be small, but it's a pretty big deal around here! You can raise the elements of the flexible presentation system diagonally or flat in 2 cm steps. By presenting in different layers or presenting at an angle, you can improve the visibility of your products. It will increase your revenue!

Stylish and clear presentation
By using the Height Set, you'll improve the air circulation for your products. This will keep the cheese from sticking and will prevent mold from forming. The Height Set also enables you to create a stylish and clear presentation for your customers. It'll make your customers consider buying more cheese!

Optimal temperature distribution

By using the Height Set, you'll provide your products with the perfect distribution of temperatures. It will lock in the quality of your products. It's also super simple to install. Place the feet under the Foodstep, and they'll lock into the guidance slots of the screws. Just twist them on to attach them. The Boska Height Set is quick, simple, and incredibly practical! 

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72 gram