6 tips for the perfect Easter get-together

6 tips for the perfect Easter get-together
Want to celebrate Easter in an original and social way? Organize an Easter appetizer get-together this year! Enjoy a great-tasting Easter together with family or friends – and without spending hours in the kitchen beforehand! How do you make it happen? Simply follow the tips below for a perfect Easter get-together and enjoy!

Tip 1: Cut down on preparation time with wooden serving boards

You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare a table full of delicious treats. A wooden serving board makes any food look festive and delicious. Anyone can put together an appetizer platter with sliced vegetables, spreads, meats and cheese in no time. There's no reason to spend hours in the kitchen preparing it – unless you want to, of course.

Tip 2: Choose delicious seasonal products

Combine seasonal vegetables, fruits and cheeses to create a real taste sensation. When in season, these products are packed with vitamins and minerals, full of flavor and have a lower impact on the environment. Try using asparagus (white gold!), rhubarb or a fresh Brie de Meaux. Or make fresh cucumber rolls using the Monaco+ Cheese Slicer.

Tip 3: Do not pre-slice everything

An attractive presentation does not mean having to cut everything beforehand. Place a single slice of cheese or bread on the side and leave the rest unsliced. This keeps the cheese or bread fresher longer – and saves you time! Set out a handy bread knife and stylish cheese knives, so that everyone can slice their own cheese or bread.

BOSKA Easter Table

Tip 4: Go outside to celebrate spring

Easter: the start of spring! Enjoy the first rays of warm sunshine and wonderful scents of spring by holding your get-together outdoors. If it's a little chilly outside, you can warm everyone up with a delicious cheese fondue. And don't let a stray rain cloud hold you back! Hang a waterproof tarp over the table and enjoy a wonderful get-together outside.

Tip 5: Make sure you have enough variety

What guarantees a successful Easter get-together? Considering the preferences of your guests and offering plenty of variety. Serve both sweet and savory, healthy and less healthy options. How about a fresh fruit carpaccio? Or a delicious spring cheese platter?

Tip 6: Less is more when it comes to Easter decorations

An egg or two can only be expected, but for this year's Easter celebration, less = more. After all, you really don't need much to set an attractive Easter table. A nice tablecloth and napkins in spring colors, a few Easter eggs and some pretty flowers on the table is enough. Stylish, inviting and friendly on your wallet. What more could you ask for?

BOSKA Easter Table

BOSKA wishes you a great-tasting and wonderful Easter! Now that's enjoyment!