The Secret Superhero: 7 awesome ways to use your cheese slicer

The Secret Superhero: 7 awesome ways to use your cheese slicer

The cheese slicer is often underestimated. Do you know why? Well, lots of people see this superhero as a kitchen tool you can only use to slice cheese. But nothing is further from the truth! That's because it's a true all-rounder. Are you planning a cocktail party, do you want to surprise your family with a stylish dessert or are you looking for the ultimate finishing touch for your salad? Then read on, because below we give you seven awesome ways to use your cheese slicer.

Some other ways you can use your cheese slicer

1. Hard vegetables: Make thin slices of vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, zucchini and potatoes. Delicious in salads, as a garnish or even to make healthy snacks.

2. Chocolate: Make chocolate flakes from your favorite chocolate? Absolutely! Perfect as a bread topping or for decorating desserts and pastries.

3. Butter (directly from the refrigerator): Make thin slices of butter to put on toast, pancakes or corn on the cob. This is also a great way to make very hard butter easier to spread.

4. Potatoes: You no longer need a grater to make potatoes au gratin or potato chips. You can simply use a cheese slicer to make thin slices.

5. Apples: It's even easier to make apple pie or apple pancakes if you cut the apple into thin slices beforehand.

6. Citrus fruits: Turn any cocktail into a party with freshly grated lemon, lime or orange peels. Safer than using a knife or Y-peeler.

7. Truffles: Truffles are a true delicacy used in many fancy dishes. Slicing them brings out their taste to the fullest.

Not too bad, right? This all-rounder really is an ideal kitchen tool. But if you only want to use it for cheese, that's perfectly fine too, of course! Want to know which cheese slicer is best for your favorite cheese? Or why there is such a difference in taste between fresh cheese slices and prepackaged sliced cheese? And also want tips on how to get the nicest looking slices? You can find the answers to these and other frequently asked questions in our other cheese slicer blog full of tips and tricks.

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