Tips & tricks for your Cheese Baker

Tips & tricks for your Cheese Baker

Posted by Boska Holland on

Usage tips

  • Allow the cheese to reach room temperature before placing in the oven.
  • Before the first use, clean the porcelain dish and lid.
  • Make sure that the set is always placed on a stable and heat-resistant surface!
  • Never leave the burning tea light unattended. This is an OPEN FIRE.
  • NEVER place flammable materials (cloth, paper, etc.) near the set when in use;
  • Never move the Cheese Baker when hot.
  • All parts of the set become extremely hot during use. Before moving the fondue set, allow it to cool off completely.
  • Never allow children to use the Cheese Baker.

Maintenance tips

  • Make sure the Cheese Baker has cooled off completely before touching it. 
  • Never immerse the base in water or other liquids. Clean the base with a wet cloth and dish soap. 
  • The baking dish and lid may be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Allowing the baking dish to soak in cold water for an hour makes cleaning easier.
  • Never clean with a hard-bristle brush, abrasive materials, baking soda, disinfecting or corrosive cleaning agents.