Classic cheese sandwich – taken up a notch!

Classic cheese sandwich – taken up a notch!

The cheese sandwich is a mainstay of Dutch culture. Studies have shown that cheese is the most popular bread topping in the Netherlands. Cheese sandwiches vary from a simple sandwich in a lunch box to a deluxe grilled cheese sandwich at a restaurant.

Let's start with the first one: a simple cheese sandwich. Even this classic version can be easily jazzed up so that you enjoy something different every time. How? Keep reading.

What kind of cheese is best for a cheese sandwich?

Any kind of cheese can be used, of course, but to keep it nice and traditional, we use the popular Gouda cheese from the Netherlands. You decide whether to use mild, mature or aged. The most important part? That you slice it yourself. Cheese that is sliced with a cheese slicer has a much richer taste than pre-sliced cheese. And make sure you do it right.

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A whole new experience with one extra ingredient? Absolutely!

1. Cheese sandwich with… sambal/mango chutney: a fiery flavor combination. Use mature or aged cheese to make sure the cheese taste does not get lost.

2. Cheese sandwich with… grilled bell pepper: the bell pepper adds a wonderful smoky flavor and enhances the cheese flavor.

3. Cheese sandwich with… fruit jam: the ultimate sweet and savory combination. Perfect for mild to extra aged cheese, such as a mild-flavored "grass cheese" with strawberry jam.

4. Cheese sandwich with… truffle mayonnaise: truffle mayonnaise is all the rage these days! Give your sandwich an extra bite with a handful of arugula.

5. Cheese sandwich with… mustard: the mustard creates a spicy contrast. Use Dijon for extra "tang" or honey mustard for a milder taste.

6. Cheese sandwich with… caramelized onions:
the sweet, creamy caramelized onions add a pleasant sweetness and subtle spiciness to the cheese.

7. Cheese sandwich with… apple spread: a match made in heaven thanks to the mild, salty taste of the cheese and sweet and fruity flavor of the apple spread.

Whilewe're at it, let's add something extra!

8. Cheese sandwich with... avocado and tomato: the healthy fats in the avocado and vitamins in the tomatoes provide a real energy boost alongside the mouthwatering flavor combination.

9. Cheese sandwich with... crispy bacon, tomato and iceberg lettuce: the flavor contrast and variation in textures results in a surprising taste sensation. Also tastes great with hard goat cheese.

10. Cheese sandwich with... apple spread, pear and walnuts: a fantastic balance between sweet and savory. The texture of the juicy pear adds a refreshing element to the sandwich.

11. Cheese sandwich with... tomato and basil: the sweetness of the tomato, freshness and spiciness of the basil and creaminess of the cheese together create a feast of flavors.

12. Cheese sandwich with... smoked chicken and avocado: a fabulous combination of savory, creamy and smoky. What more could you ask for?

13. Cheese sandwich with... ham, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise and boiled egg: what is referred to as a "healthy sandwich" in the Netherlands. It may not be the healthiest sandwich around, but it definitely tastes great!

So, a cheese sandwich is anything but boring! The above variations are only the beginning. Let your imagination run wild and find the right flavors for your appetite.