Soft Cheese Slicer Milano+


With the Soft Cheese Slicer Milano+, slicing soft cheeses is a piece of cake. As the blade is extra short and has a serrated edge, cheese won't stick to it while you're slicing. That way, you can easily create beautiful slices of your favorite soft cheese with this stainless steel slicer. 

Soft cheese slicer
Slicing soft cheese can be quite difficult. However, with this handy slicer, you're good to go. The stainless steel blade is extra short and has a serrated edge. This leads to less resistance while you're slicing, so the cheese won't stick to the slicer or curl up on itself.

Practical cheese slicer
You can slice your favorite cheese with ease with this practical, stainless steel cheese slicer. The handle is sturdy, extra long, and made of plastic. This provides you with an extra firm grip while you're slicing. After use, simply toss the slicer in the dishwasher.

Stays sharp
Good news for all soft cheese lovers! Even with frequent use, this cheese slicer will stay sharp for a long, long time. That way, you can keep enjoying the most delicious soft cheeses for many years to come.

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Regular price € 12,99


  • 10 year 

  • Dishwasher 

  • Refrigerator 


Article number
Wood / Stainless steel
Type of wood
Smoked beech wood
Type of cheese
Soft and semi hard cheese
10 years
Product dimensions
180 x 75 x 15 mm / 5.12"x4.33"x4.34"
Product weight
38 gram / 0.08 lb
Back card + Blister
Product dimension in packaging
290 x 80 x 20 mm / 5.51"x5.51"x5.72"
Product weight in packaging
62 gram / 0.136 lb
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