Dutch Cheese Knife Professional Wooden Handle M 250 mm

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You can cut through both soft cheeses and hard cheeses with tough rinds with ease with the Dutch Cheese Knife Professional Wooden Handle M. User-friendliness, safety, and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to its unique shape and the handles on both sides. The beautiful wooden finish is the finishing touch to this knife. Your knife work will be quick and easy, guaranteed!

Cutting waste is a thing of the past
Entrepreneurs prefer to work efficiently. You can cut along all of the edges easily and precisely with a simple rocking motion thanks to the curved blade and the comfortable wooden handles. This allows you to get the most out of the cheese, and it results in minimal cutting waste with minimal effort. 

Multi-functional cheese knife
You can easily take on cheeses of different sizes with this cheese knife. However, you can also use it to conquer pizzas, sausages, cucumbers, tomatoes, or bell peppers. Are you a food service entrepreneur or a cheese professional? The Dutch Cheese Knife Professional Wooden Handle M will take a stand next to every cheese professional!  

Durable stainless steel blade
The blade is made of one piece of durable stainless steel. The wooden handles make this knife lie perfectly in your hands. If you wash it by hand, then your handiwork will remain perfect for many years to come. Are you brave enough to take on the coolest BOSKA cheese knife?

The cheese knife is available in several versions: M (300 mm), L (380 mm), and XL (430 mm).

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Type of cheese
Semi-hard to hard cheese
Product weight
260 gram
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