Cheese Cutter Unika+ Cream

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With the Cheese Cutter Unika+, you can cut the most beautiful slices of cheese in a flash. Thanks to the unique wedge-shaped cutting technique, you can cut round wheels of cheeses with less cutting waste. This makes the Unika+ extremely suitable for Raclette cheese and semi-hard cheeses, such as Gouda and Cheddar. Thanks to the chopping movement, the structure of the cheese will remain intact and the flavor will be top-notch.

Improved version
This new and improved version of the Unika has undergone a number of major changes. For example, the Unika+ has a new, high quality heating element, and it has an on/off button with heat settings. The Unika+ is also available in 4 colors and has an improved adjustment system. The slice thickness is adjustable to 15 mm.

Convenient heating element
Cutting slices of cheese will be simple and smooth, because the Unika+ features a heating element. The heat keeps the cheese from sticking to the knife. In case of old cheese, it'll break less quickly while you're cutting.

User-friendly cutting machine
The Unika+ is easy to use. This makes the cheese cutter perfect for use in supermarkets, specialty cheese shops, and catering companies. With the flick of a wrist, you can set the thickness of the slices using the rotating knobs. You can vary the thickness from 1 to 15 mm. This improved adjustment system ensures a nice and consistent cutting result.

Powerful and long lasting
The knife is a feat of German engineering. This makes it powerful, durable, and of high quality. The cutting plateau on the Unika+ is made of plastic (HMPE), and it's available in red, white, green and black. This makes the Unika+ easy to clean and keeps the knife sharp for a long time.

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Article number
Cast iron / Stainless steel / Aluminum / HMPE
Type of cheese
Semi hard and hard cheese
2 years
Product dimensions
536x377x221 mm / 21.44"x15.08"x8.84"
Product weight
11.06 kg / 24.332 lb
Product dimension in packaging
640x480x240 mm / 25.6"x19.2"x9.6"
Product weight in packaging
13.25 kg / 29.15 lb
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