Semi-Hard Cheese Knife Red Handle 210 mm


Got a washed rind cheese? You can cut through large washed rind cheeses with ease with the Boska Holland® Semi-Hard Cheese Knife Red. The cheese won't stick to the knife thanks to the semi-high and narrow blade. This lets you work quickly and efficiently. That's handy!

Red, white, blue cheese knife
In the food industry, you are required by HACCP regulations to cut every type of cheese with its own knife. The red color corresponds to, you guessed it, washed rind cheeses. Use blue for blue cheeses and white for bloomy rind cheeses. Of course you can also find blue and white versions by Boska!

Keep it clean
Cheese specialists like to keep it clean and organized. That’s never been easier than with these specific colors. It's simple, hygienic, and practical. We would advise you to wash the knife by hand. That way, it will last you for many years to come! Don't have the time or the energy? The knife can handle an occasional spin in the dishwasher. No problem!

Available in the following versions: red for washed rind cheeses, white for bloomy rind cheeses, and blue for blue cheeses.

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