Cheese Replica Chaumes


Is it real, or is it a replica? You'll definitely be asking yourself that when you see the Boska Holland® cheese replicas. This Cheese Replica Chaumes is no different. It's a replica, but you could very easily be tricked into cutting out a piece of it. Creating a beautiful in-store presentation is a piece of cake with this lookalike. 

Extra sales
Use the Cheese Replica Chaumes to create a beautiful and professional in-store presentation. You can draw more attention to the Chaumes when you display this replica in a stylish way. Your customers will appreciate it. That also makes it a stimulant for extra sales!

One-time purchase
This Boska cheese replica is easy to clean and pretty much indestructible. The replica is lightweight and a simple one-time purchase. It'll make a big difference! 

Note: this cheese replica is sold in batches of 25 pieces!

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  • Made in Europe


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